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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Introducing the International Rattle Rating System

While struggling through a recent dinner at the #1 TripAdvisor-ranked Restaurant in Castro, Chile, Nolan and I agreed that Jacques Pepin couldn’t cook a meal worth waiting 2.5 hours with a toddler for.  As helpful as Yelp and TripAdvisor often are for finding delicious restaurants and interesting activities, there is more to life than haute-cuisine and cerebral museums when baby is in tow.  Indeed, a filet mignon might be even more delicious if served with a side of crayons and a sippy cup.   

And so we devised our own International Rattle Rating System, which credits destinations based on their family appeal.   There are five categories--Baby on a Budget, Swings per Capita; Stroller-ability; Happy to Have You; and Fun for the Whole Family.  Each category can receive up to 5 rattles. The overall total for each destination will be based on the below-indicated weighting system, giving preference to those criteria that we have found to most significantly impact the overall family-friendly feel of a location. 
And now <<a shake of the rattle please>> I present the International Rattle Rating System:

Baby on a Budget (10% of overall)

How affordable is the destination?  Is there a beneficial exchange rate?  Are there reasonably priced child-focused activities?  Will diapers cost you an arm and a leg?
Swings per Capita (15% of overall)

Are safe, clean playgrounds common?  Are there other children to play with? Are there indoor playground options for rainy or cold days?
Stroller-ability (15% of overall)
Is it easy to get around with baby? Are sidewalks well-maintained for easy stroller-use? Are taxis always available? How manageable is the public transportation system?
Happy to Have You (30% of overall)

How do locals respond to your family?  Are they welcoming, disinterested, or irked to see a traveling toddler?  Do businesses accommodate your little one?

Fun for the Whole Family (30% of overall)
Is there a variety of activities for the whole family to enjoy? Would you visit this place even if you hadn’t brought the kids?
Overall Rattle Rating:

Check back soon for our first rattle ratings!

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