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Friday, March 4, 2016

Around the World Packing List

Three days ago, we traded in 2 bedrooms for 2 backpacks.  

How did we decide what to bring on our 5 month world trip with a toddler?  Some decisions were easy: Take the baby, leave the stand mixer.  Others were more difficult: the teal jumpsuit or the extra sippy cup? On our first round of packing, Nolan's and my bags weighed in at 34 and 30 pounds, respectively.  After taking out all our "luxury" items--a 6th pair of socks here, an extra bottle of sunscreen there--our packs weighed in at 28 and 25 pounds. Able to comfortably carry our lighter bags, even while holding a toddler, we decided our bags were ready to go.  So what 53 pounds of belongings are we taking with us? Check it out below:

Nolan's Clothes

1 pair of Nike walking/running sneakers
1 pair of waterproof walking sandals
6 short sleeve shirts
1 pair of shorts
1 pair of swim trunks/shorts
2 long sleeve shirts
2 pants
7 pairs of socks

7 pairs of underwear
1 sweatshirt
1 coat
1 baseball hat

Marisa's Clothes

2 skorts
2 pants
1 athletic/sleep shorts
1 dress
2 bras
1 sports bra
1 bathing suit
1 belt
1 long sleeve shirt
5 short sleeve shirts
4 sleeveless shirts
1 yoga pants
5 pairs socks
10 underwear

Waterproof walking sandals

Sydney's Clothes

Rash guard long sleeve swim top and swim bottom
Spf 50 sun hat
2 shorts
1 sweatshirt
3 pants
2 long leggings
1 short leggings
1 skirt
1 dress
4 long sleeve shirts
6 short sleeve shirts
3 tank tops
2 sets pajamas
10 pairs socks
1 coat
1 pair sneakers
1 pair water-proof walking sandals

Toiletries and First Aid Kit


2 3.4 oz bottles of DEET insect repellent; 6 oz. 50 spf baby sunscreen; Hair brush; Women and Men’s Deodorant; 2 Men's and 2 Women's Disposable Razors; Makeup: Foundation; compact with blushes and eye shadows; makeup brush; travel eyeliner; travel mascara; fingernail clipper; emery board; 5 hair ties; hair mouse; 3 months supply of daily contacts and pair of extra glasses; travel shampoo and conditioner; 3 toothbrushes & toothpaste for adult and baby; baby soap; sanitary napkins; ravel shaving cream; 3 disposable razors; travel hair gel

First Aid Kit

Advil; baby rectal thermometer; gauze pads and tape (various sizes); blister pads; band aids (assorted sizes); Neosporin, Tenactin; Zyrtec Allergy; Preparation H; Children's Motrin; Children's Benadryl; Children's Tylenol; Nyquil; Sudafed Daytime; Imodium; Pepcid AC; Gasex; Glucosomine Tablets for low blood sugar; Hyland's Sleepy Time Teething Tablets; Baby Diaper Triple Paste; 30 day supply Culturelle (adult); 30 day supply Culturelle (kids)


Ipad Air for Nolan
Ipad in child protected case for Sydney
Asus Travel Laptop for Marisa
2 iPad/iPhone chargers
2 laptop/music chargers
1 universal travel adapter
Wireless Bluetooth speaker
Mobile mouse

Baby Gear & Miscellaneous

Lunch bag
Toddler snack cup
6 stackable sippy cups
Pack n play mattress cover
Muslin Aden and Anais Baby blanket 
Monkey Mat- kids play mat/blanket
Ergo Baby Performance Baby Carrier
Guava Family Lotus Pack n Play
Quinny Yezz 2.0 Stroller
15 diapers
2 packs of wipes
2 Mens Watches

1 Women’s Watch
Foldable, weightless duffle bag
Passports and photocopies of passports and other important documents
Money Belt
Journal/calendar book

Sydney's Carry-On Bag

P'Kolino TravelArt Set
Magna Tiles Set
Bag of Hair clips
Toy train
Small wind-up toy
Small doll
Melissa & Doug Rainbow Stacker
9 favorite paper back books
Melissa & Doug Reusable Foam Sticker Book

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