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Saturday, March 12, 2016

And the Plane Backed Away from the Gate

Two weeks ago, four hulky men arrived at our apartment and loaded all of our belongings into a truck.  We have not heard from them since their truck pulled away, but we believe that the contents of our apartment arrived safely at a storage facility somewhere in the Bronx.  
We then found an amazing apartment in the middle of Manhattan to spend our last week before travel: it was a shared space (yes, with my mother), but we got a really amazing deal.  We spent the week packing up our First Aid kit, buying health insurance, and reading Dr. Seuss.  Our last night in New York, our friends joined us at Georgio’s Country Restaurant, the totally average, moderately overpriced midtown diner where my family has celebrated every major occasion over the past two decades. Our incredible group of friends, who have supported us, and, more importantly, schlepped to visit us wherever our residential whims have taken us over the last six years, shared their own stories of travel and adventure.  Some even finalized their plans to meet us over the course of our trip.  Then, Sydney said “night, night” to her Aunties and Uncles, and we went back to The Inn for one last American night.   

Packed and Ready to Go

In the morning, Sydney played with Mama, and Nolan and I went shopping for Sydney’s carry-on bag of food.  At 11:30 a.m., my brother-in-law showed up to chauffer us to the airport; I hugged my mom once, and then twice; and were off to meet my best friend, Rachel, at JFK.
When we boarded the plane, the flight attendant showed us to an empty row of four bulkhead seats reserved for Sydney, Nolan, and me. Having not bought a seat for Sydney, we felt like we had won the BOGO deal of the century.  Aunt Rachel, an experienced long-distance traveler and aunt of four, was smart enough to book her own seat as far away from us as possible.  Up in bulkhead, Nolan and I braced ourselves for the exact disaster that Aunt Rachy was trying to avoid on this 11 hour flight. With our seat belts buckled and our toddler already antsy, the plane backed away from the gate. 
We were finally on our way to our first stop, Buenos Aires, where we would eat the world's best hamburger, bathe in hot chocolate, and live for three days without hot water.
Sydney and Rachy before Take Off

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  1. One great hamburger is fine but eat the whole steak ! Can't wait to hear more.