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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What It's Like to Fly with a Toddler

Cute in the airport. And then we reach 30,000 feet.
Flying with a toddler is like being sentenced to a tiny jail cell with a rabid, albeit adorable, puppy chained to your lap.  Sometimes the puppy will sleep or want to play.  But sometimes the puppy will go uncontrollably, hysterically, top-of-their-lungs crazy; he does have rabies after all.  If you're lucky, a more experienced dog owner may stop by your cell to offer a kind word, or even better, a tranquilizer; or maybe the jail warden will let you stand by them as they prepare beverage service.  If you're unlucky, as prisoners with rabid dogs chained to them tend to be, someone will complain about you and your feral friend; then even the kindest warden will have to revoke your roaming privileges.  And back to the cell you go.  For another 5 hours 45 minutes...44 minutes...43 minutes....42.  When you start carving the passing minutes into your tray table with your little red beverage straw, you will know you have had an authentic mile high toddler travel experience.

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