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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

On Honeymoons and Medieval Torture

Nolan and I began our honeymoon in Cappadocia, Turkey, that other-worldly land of "fairy chimneys" and cave hotels built into volcanic rock. On our third day, we rented mopeds to get a more intimate look at the region's landscapes. After a brief moped-riding tutorial (sit here. push this.) we spent an awe-inspiring day climbing the mountains of the Rose Valley; exploring the 2,000 year old cave refuges of the first Christians; and snaking along tight, dirt roads of towns not yet overcome by tourists. 

As the sun began to set, we rode back into Goreme, the town where we were staying, exhausted from our adrenaline-filled self-tour.  We retrieved our town map, with the moped rental company circled in  bright pink highlighter. Nolan thought we should go left; I was sure we should go right. And, although only newlyweds at the time, we bickered over the directions like a couple who had been married for decades.  By the time we were ready to remount our bikes, the feeling of grand-vista-induced-thrill had given way to map-induced-dystopia. 

Standing beside the moped I had safely maneuvered for 8 hours through the winding side streets of Turkey, I angrily pulled back the handlebars to rev the engine. And the bike took off.  With me standing next to it.  With my feet off the air, flying Superman-style next to the bike, I made the conscious--absurd--decision to hold onto the bike to keep it from crashing. The longer I held onto the handles, the more the engine revved, and the faster the bike went.  Gravity worked quickly and my brief stint as Superman ended; I was soon being dragged alongside the moped.  In a testament to my strength of character and tenacity (read:stubbornness), I refused to let go, and was dragged for almost a full minute through the rubble streets of Goreme. From Nolan's perspective, sitting safely on his own bike behind me, trade-out the moped for a horse, and I looked like a criminal carrying out her capital sentence in Medieval England. 

All smiles before being dragged through the dirt!

(Check back soon for Part II to see how this romantic honeymoon ends)

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