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Thursday, January 14, 2016

WWOOF'ing with Baby?

When we first started planning our Big Adventure, we considered WWOOF'ing (World Wide Organization of Farmers).  What could be more fun that spending a week or so on a farm in the Andes? I could picture it all so clearly: Nolan and I would pick a beautiful basket of ripe tomatoes while Sydney frolicked with the sheep.  Then a cowbell would ring, calling us all to an abundant lunch of fresh goat cheese and fruit. And, of course, some sparking white wine.  After lunch, we would also retire for a siesta before playing games with the other children on the farm all evening.  

Based on this wildly fantasized image of WWOOF'ing, I purchased the Chile WWOOF list for $50.  This is the list of all the farms in Child that participate in WWOOF, and will accept visitors to their farm to help with either farming or construction.  Since I wasted my $50; perhaps I can save YOU the trouble!  I can not speak to all countries' WWOOF'ing options, but in Chile, there's little space for a Baby WWOOFer.  Of the hundred or so farms listed on the WWOOF list (which they email to you after you paypal the $50 to WWOOF Chile), there were only a handful that accepted children.  Upon contacting those few farms, I discovered either that, while they accept children, our toddling daughter might not be enthusiastically welcome; or that the farm only accepts long term visits from families (2 weeks +).  

Upon further research into the few family-friendly farms, I realized that WWOOF'ing with a baby probably isn't the best idea.  In reality, you are there to WORK; you're not at a resort.  And where will your trouble-seeking toddler be while you're working the vineyard? Furthermore, by narrowing your farm search down to those that accept families, you are limited to farms that are not centrally located to Santiago or other major towns or cities.  So, what happens when your toddler steps on a rusty nail or gets bit by the farm dog?  I bet you see my point, and understand why we decided that WWOOF'ing is not for this traveling family.

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