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Monday, January 11, 2016

World's Best Travel Stroller?

The World Toddler is now almost 18 months old.  And for 18 months, I have tested different strollers--from high-end to flimsy umbrella.  Is North West's stroller really better than Baby R Us's $17 foldable? Yes, it is.  The fancier (read: more expensive) strollers I have tried have been uniformly sturdier and more comfortable to push and carry things on.  However, the World Toddler, herself, has never really seemed to prefer one chariot over another.  And then we were fortunate enough to try out the Quinny Yezz, designed for travel.  Sydney is in love.  For the first time, she asks to get into her "sholleh" and has yet to tire of it.  I think she prefers it because, made of a canvas like material, the seat contours perfectly to her cute little bottom.  Also, it sits up like a regular chair, so she can catch everything that's going on around her.  At the same time, she's had no problem falling asleep in the stroller, which makes long days of exploring new places easy for mom and dad.  

As for the pushers- this is the first umbrella-like stroller that I have seen, that has high bars, so you don't throw out your back by pushing it all afternoon.  It glides along seamlessly (so seamlessly, in fact, that you better be careful about losing your grip on a downhill).  And it folds down into almost nothing-- size or weight.  So when Sydney is interested in walking, we just fold down the stroller and throw it over our shoulders (let's be honest, though, Nolan does most of the schlepping in our family).  Anyway, I say an absolute "yes" to the Yezz.  Expensive but worth every penny.

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