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Thursday, January 14, 2016

What's Wrong with the Around-the-World Ticket when Traveling with Baby?

When we first decided to travel around the world, we naturally assumed the cheapest option would be to buy "around the world" tickets, offered by one of the two major airline alliances, Sky and One World.  For our rough itinerary at that point, these tickets would have cost us anywhere between $4,000 and $12,000 per person.  The baby's fare would be 10% of the adult ticket price.  Then we started pricing out the airfare independently, and soon discovered that it was much cheaper for us to book our own flights, not purchase an around the world ticket.  Here's why:

First, since we are traveling with the World Toddler, we cannot hop from place to place easily.  We are committed to spending at least 4 nights in each city we visit, to give ourselves time to breathe and adjust to our surroundings.  As such, over the course of our 5 month journey, we are only actually visiting 9 different countries, and only needed to purchase 7 international flights.  The around the world ticket, as we discovered, is better for true backpacking-youngsters, people who are skipping around the world, with significantly more destinations to hit.

Second, not all international airlines charge 10% of the adult ticket for the baby to sit on your lap. By purchasing the around-the-world ticket, you are locking yourself into the 10% flat fee for baby.

Third, you can be much more flexible by purchasing your tickets individually.  The around-the-world ticket limits you to the airlines within the ticket's alliance.  But it might actually be cheaper to just "go out of network."

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