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Monday, January 11, 2016

An Around-the-World Bookworm

Sydney is a book worm.  I guess it makes sense, as she come from a long line of writers, teachers, and editors.  When she goes to her room to play by herself, she invariably sits down to read a book, leaving the stuffed animals to complete the puzzles.  So my biggest concern regarding her development while we travel is not being able to keep up with her passion for reading while we're on the road.  Books are heavy and take up a lot of space.  So we have to be very thoughtful about what we pack. 

It's not easy to just buy new books on the road; having spent time in South America before, I know it is hard to find English books, and probably even harder to find English children's books.  So what's our plan?  Lot's of skinny, lightweight books for the first leg of the journey.  When we hit Australia, we'll ditch the ones we brought with us, and buy a new set to get us through the next month and a half.  When we meet Grandma and Grandpa in Japan, they will deliver a new set of slim, lightweight books for our little reader.  

Sydney loves the "Early Reader: Level 1" Books, which are slim, lightweight, and also relatively lengthy, so they take time to read.  Her favorites right now are Little Monster, Elmo Says Achoo, and the Biscuit Series (Biscuit Goes to the Library, etc.). She is also obsessed with all things Dr. Seuss, so we are going to look for some paperback versions of Dr. Seuess- the traditional boardbooks just weigh us down.

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