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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How Much Does It Cost to Fly Around the World?

We managed to book all of our tickets (2 adults and baby on our lap) for just under $5,000.  Here's how we did it:
  1. Skipped the Around-the-World ticket option (see next post about why Around-the-World tickets might not be the best for families with little kids).
  2. Planned WAY ahead.  Airlines post their flights 11 months in advance.  We purchased almost all of our award-mile tickets the day the flights were posted, thereby securing ourselves the Super Saver fares.
  3. Strategically used and saved award miles.  We happen to be at the right time to open a couple new credit cards.  Before doing so, we investigated which flights on our trip were the most expensive, and determined the best credit cards to cover the flight.  By opening an American Airlines Mastercard and spending $3,000 in the first 3 months, we were able to cover the entire cost of our flight from Santiago, Chile to Sydney, Australia on Qantas.
  4. Maintained flexibility.  While we have stuck to only airlines affiliated with major international alliances (like Thai Airways, Qantas, Turkish) in an attempt to ensure all the aircraft we travel on are up to US standards, we were very flexible about which of these airlines we chose, enabling us to choose the cheapest flights to get us from place to place.
  5. Jumped on reasonable airfares.  When we saw an airfare that we were comfortable with, we went ahead and booked it.  We did not wait for cheaper airfares to appear.  Yes, we may have been able to find something cheaper eventually, but the tickets also might have gone up in price.  This not only locked in our tickets at a price we felt comfortable with, it saved us the gambling anxiety that we might lose the tickets all together.

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