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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Finding a Babysitter Abroad

On any given night, the World Toddler has multiple babysitting offers.  Indeed, we are blessed to have so many wonderful family and friends that we have never had to even hire a babysitter.  Without on-call Aunties and Uncles while we travel, however, the only parenting-reprieve over the course of our five month journey will come in the form of babysitters. But how do you find a babysitter you trust in a city where you have never been?  We've decided to stick to hotels with established babysitting services in as many destinations as possible. Why try to find your own babysitter in a foreign country, when the hotel can do it for you?

 On the one hand, this limits our accommodation options (AirBnb apartments obviously do not have babysitters).  But, on the other hand, this will enable us to have at least a few days to our grown-up-selves throughout the course of our trip. While most of our trip is 100% family friendly, there are some destinations that are not just more appropriate for adults, but that would utterly bore a baby: hiking in Patagonia; learning to cook in Bali; visiting old synagogues in Budapest, to name just a few.  

So, thank you, Apart Hotel Del Arroyo (Bariloche, Argentina); Gangsa Private Villas (Bali, Indonesia); and Kempinski Hotel Corvinus (Budapest, Hungary).  By offering babysitting services, you demonstrate your commitment to maintaining a family-friendly environment; and we can be sure warm, welcoming lodgings await us.

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