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Monday, January 4, 2016

Baby in the Middle

As all experienced world toddlers know, Baby flies free until her second birthday.  And as anyone with a toddler --world traveler or not --- knows, Baby hates sitting still.  So how to take advantage of the free-until-2 policy without spending 10 hours harassing the poor passenger seated in front of you?

On a recent american eagle flight, we discovered that Sydney fits comfortably inbetween our two seats.  We put a coat behind her to cover the crack, and extended my seat belt so it wrapped around both of us.  Sydney was happy to be able to sit like a grown up, and her little legs, try as they might, couldn't kick the seat in front of us.  

To prepare for international flights, on which seat belts may not be as long, we are bringing a seat belt extender to make sure we can always buckle baby in.

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