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Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Romantic Getaway....With your kids?

Recently returning from a honeymoon to Bali, our friends could not say enough about their incredible, relaxing, beautiful, out-of-this-world hotel.  "Pure luxury," they said.  "Tell us more," we said.

Our friends described the lavish Rimba Resort and Spa, perched on the rocks of Jimbaran Bay, as everything one could imagine in a Balinese resort: gorgeous villas with private pools, spa treatments overlooking the Indian Ocean, world-class restaurants highlighting Indonesian cuisine.  Not long into our friends' description of this dream resort, we were ready to book our own stay at Rimba.  And then we remembered the 30 inch difference between our honeymooning friends and ourselves: a little girl, named Sydney.

Toddlers and romantic getaways are generally incompatible.  But on a daydreaming whim, I decided to check out the Rimba website: what types of massages would I get if I wasn't busy changing diapers? What exquisite culinary treat would I order if it were my honeymoon?  And that's when I discovered that mommies and daddies can have nice things, even when traveling with their children.

Although not the focus of our friends' trip, it turns out that Rimba is as family-friendly as it is luxurious. With a kids' club that will entertain your little one from 9 - 5 everyday; a kids' room that rivals a children's museum; and on-site babysitting services, Rimba keeps your kids occupied so you can truly relax in Balinese bliss.  You don't have to say "babysitting services" twice to get my attention; we have already booked our stay at Rimba.  We reach Rimba in May, so check back here then to see if you really can "honeymoon with kids."

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