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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Where to store your stuff during world travel

My first recommendation: If your parents have a basement and are willing to share- Put your stuff there!  Storage units, as I am coming to learn, are pretty darn expensive.  And dropping $150 - $300/month just to store your stuff feels like a pretty big waste.  Man, I'd rather use that $1,000 or so to buy the World Toddler her own seat on the 14 hour flight from Osaka to Tel Aviv.  Alas, if you must use a storage facility, as we are, here's what I've found:

Pods seem to be the way to to go.  Offered by Pods. com, UHaul, and various other companies, the company either delivers the pod to your home, or you can attach the pod to the back of your own SUV-type vehicle.  Spend the day loading up the pod, then deliver it to the storage facility.  All your belongings stay put in the pod until you return.  The pod is then delivered to your new address.  This cuts out an entire cycle of loading and unloading.  If, however, you prefer to schlep and save a few dollars, just hire a UHaul and put your stuff in a permanent storage unit.  Surprisingly, this option doesn't seem that much cheaper than the pod.

Reviewing the available options for my area, UHaul comes in significantly lower than the competitors, primarily because they let you move the storage unit yourself. So you can save about $500 on pod-delivery-charge.  Here's what I've found:

UHaul: $25 + nominal amount per mile for the truck rental to transport the pod. $126/month for the pod storage for a "studio/1 bedroom apartment" (and one month free just for asking). $250/month for pod storage for "up to 2 bedroom apartment". When it's time to retrieve our belongings, we can hire the same truck for $25 or so to move the pod to our new home. Works out to be under $1,500 assuming we take 2 pods.

Pods.com: $180 delivery charge for pod. $145/month for pod storage (based on 5 months of storage) for a 12 foot container, which "typically holds 2-3 bedrooms." Smaller pods are not available in my area for my move out date, so I'd have to take this option.  Delivery of pod at move-in time will run us around the same amount as delivery charge ($150 - $250). PS.  I found a promo code on Retailmenot.com for my pods.com quote.  So these prices are 10% lower than normal. Works out to be about $2,000.

Atlas: $1900, all in.

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