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Monday, November 30, 2015

Restaurants without High Chairs

In preparation for our recent trip to Lyon, France, we learned that the Lyonnaise do not generally use high chairs in their restaurants.  A quick google search pointed us to the $30 KisKise Sak'n Seat, a light, fabric "baby seat ready for use everywhere." With this portable seat, and the many others like it, you can make any chair into a highchair.  Seem too good to be true? It should.  Here's the problem with building your own high chair: If a restaurant doesn't offer high chairs, it's not because they want you to make or bring your own. It's because they don't want you to bring your baby. My advice? Take the hint and dine elsewhere.  Portable high chairs are not as comfortable as regular high chairs.  Your child will surely express her discomfort by squirming, throwing food and/or squealing, which will only draw more attention to your noisy, out of place, American family, ruining the locals' fine dining experience.  If you're having trouble finding restaurants with high chairs, stop by the grocery store and pick out ingredients for a picnic.  Enjoy the fresh local products in a park, where your baby can act like a baby. Or, if you're really craving a table cloth and carafe of wine, visit the touristy part of town.  You'll be overcharged for everything, of course, but, in exchange, your child will be offered a high chair and a smile.
Comfy high chair in tourist center of Lyon
A picnic in Vienne, France

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