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Monday, November 30, 2015

Packing List Problems

Travel books and the internet abound with packing lists for trips around the world.  The problem is, as far I have found, almost all of them are written by very low-budget, single guys.  My favorite packing list is in Rough Guide's First Time Around the World, where the author recommends you bring only 1 t-shirt (and, bonus: "women, if the T-shirt is longer, it can double as a nightshirt.") and 1 pair of socks, but to definitely make room for a permanent marker--"for making hitchhiking signs and other notices." Who on earth can travel around with one, stinky t-shirt?!

 Needless to say, the common packing list is not for the world toddler. As we start developing our own list, I'll post it here.  In the meantime, here are some of the most useful pieces of wisdom I have taken away from other travelers' packing lists:

1. Pack light. To do so, pack your bag with the least amount of stuff you think you need. Then unpack and remove 1/4 of the items.  Packing lightly is critical for a comfortable, enjoyable trip.

2. No bottles.  Bottles of shampoo and conditioner, etc, weigh a ton, take up a lot of space, and are likely to spill all over your bag at least once during the trip.  So just travel with trial-size packs to keep you covered in case of emergency.  Otherwise, buy what you need once you land at your destination.

3. If in doubt, buy it- don't bring it.  If you're not sure if you'll need something, leave it home. You can always buy it on the road or even have someone ship it to you.  Don't schlep something around the world "just in case."

4. No travel gadgets.  Don't get sucked into the REI travel gear aisle- buying all sorts of funky tools that you might, may, perhaps some day, need. If you're not used to using the gear at home, you're probably not going to use it on the road either.  

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